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THE FOREIGNER OCTOBER 13, 14, & 15 – Kent Theatre 7:30 pm

The Cedar Springs Community Players are both honoring the past and trying something new with their upcoming production of The Foreigner. The show is being dedicated to Jack Clark, a longtime member, who died earlier this year. The Foreigner was Jack’s favorite show and he would travel all over the state to see productions of it. There will be displays of photographs and stories about Jack’s participation in past productions at the theater. If you have photos or a memory to share, please contact Bob Clifford at


The Players are also offering some fun sponsorship opportunities for their theater patrons. The Foreigner is a play with a single set and there are a number of items that appear on the set or are mentioned in the play – some of them quite humorously. Sponsors will receive special pins that they can wear during the play to show they are an official Croquet Mallet, Carrot, Spoon Rack, etc., sponsor. Sponsorships are as follows:

Sauerkraut – $5

Carrot, Spoon Rack, Candle, Fork, or Lamp – $5

Apples or Fireplace – $5

Croquet Mallets, Harmonica, Suitcase, or Key to Room 7 – $5

Sponsorships can be purchased at the theater on the day of the performance or in advance from a Players member or cast member.

Friends of the Players and the cast and crew can also send well wishes to them in the program for $10 and local businesses can advertise in the program as well. Please contact Bob Clifford at